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Human Tetris

I recently saw a snippet of a program on the the Discovery Channel about the History of Videogames  and a portion of it was dedicated to discussing the phenomenon of Tetris. One of the things that the program touched upon was the way that Tetris simply messes with your mind (my words, of course, not theirs).  One of the participants interviewed talked about dreaming in Tetris and about seeing all the objects around him in regards to their spatial configurations. How could he get X object to fit around Y object? While I have to admit I have never gone so far as to want to play Tetris with my living room furniture, I’ve dreamed in Tetris. I always thought it was because I am simply WAY to intense with videogames of all kinds to the extent that I have mostly ceased to play them. But turns out it may not just be me….seems like Tetris really does do strange and unexpected things to the way that one’s brain conceives the world. But why Tetris? After all, when I played Mario Brothers all the time at about the age of twelve it wasn’t as if I was searching out coins or power-ups in my sleep…

So anyway, here is this artist who is making videos that mimic Tetris but uses people. Strikes me as a little disturbing but then again, it may be a pretty savvy commentary on how we behave in set patterns I’m thinking about how how my students will come into the classroom and always sit in the same spot in the relation to the way the room is laid out. Either way I always find it so interesting when these pivotal pieces of pop culture get remade.