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Delurking is delightful…

So apparently last week was National De-Lurking week. Who declared it such, I dunno. But sounds like a good idea. I’ve learned today in face-to-face conversation with friends/colleagues that I have a number of lurkers who, for whatever reason, have not commented. No problem. After all, just taking the time to read is great and I appreciate it. But please, feel free to comment – anything. Or just add to my collection of wierd or bizarre YouTube videos. That’s fine, too.  So…

Join Fluffy here and leave a note. 🙂
(Fluffy is a homage to Cathy. Although someday I’ll have a kitty to blog with I don’t currently so for now Fluffy – my virtual cat that I borrowed from another blogger – will have to do).


What’s my Blog About?

The answer: I dunno. I had one person ask me yesterday, isn’t a blog supposed to be “about” something? Maybe. Is it? I was talking to a new student yesterday as well who wants to start up her own political blog. But it seems as if, with the ones that I read they’re about all sorts of things….a wierd mish-mash of personal journal (whatcha been up to?) internet surfing, and with the academic ones I read – research and scholarly interests. So what is mine about? I had originally intended it to be a place that I noted thoughts about stuff that I was reading….hence the title with “Bookworm.” But I quickly realized (as in, within hours) that such a theme simply wouldn’t work. What I found myself wanting to blog about was whatever stuff was running through my head. Sometimes what I read, yes, but often not. Then I realized, if blogging is writing and with other kinds of writing I don’t know what I want to say until I say it, how can I possibly know what I want to blog about? What I concluded then was that this blog, at least at this point, will be a wierd mish-mash of anything and everything. What it may become I don’t know. So there’s my disclaimer: my blog isn’t ABOUT anything so I have no idea what may show up here. Hope that any readers lurking out there are OK with that, too. (And thanks to the person who raised the question!) 🙂